Breaking the Spell – Nutrition and Weight Loss
by Dr. David Tullos

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Does sugar cause you to cackle with delight and send spells of disdain to your waistline?  Unfortunately, one of our favorite sweetie treaty holidays is upon us as you can see in any local grocery store. As in all ghoulish fairytales, the wicked witch ensnares us with tantalizing sugar laden tricks that do not fool our waistlines.

Shall We “Weight” on Nutrition?

One of the most addictive substances on earth is not found in a drug den but right here in your local supermarket. That’s right it’s not crystal meth but crystal cane.  The cane extract, commonly known as sugar, by itself, is natural and provides pleasant sweetness to our food and drinks. But without controlled limits, it may begin an addiction that will later end in obesity and other health hazards.

Sugar is in nearly everything we eat.  In the typical western diet, the amount of sugar added to food products brings our consumption of the sweet stuff up to 22.7 teaspoons per day.  To add to our natural intake, our processed foods have added more sugar in order to extend their shelf life.

While we know that sugar is a huge contributor to weight gain, diabetes, and heart disease, we still find it hard to resist.   Simply we have been naturally programmed from birth to crave sweet things. One study at Washington University has revealed the direct correlation between the development of the sweet tooth to the sweet concentration of sugar lactose that is introduced to us first through the form of human breast milk.

Other Scary Effects

When we consume sugar, the hormone serotonin is released. Serotonin is released from the same area of the brain that responds to heroin and cocaine, which induces feelings of happiness and euphoria.  This great feeling becomes very addictive.  A current study has now shown how even the mere expectation of sugar can also affect our cognitive ability.  The simple truth is that it’s not always obvious where sugar is hiding in the foods we eat, but the more sugar we consume, the more we want.  The sudden rush of sugar spurs the release of insulin, which causes the infamous “sugar rush,” and makes us crave even more to combat the crash.

Breaking the Spell

Although sugar casts a powerful spell, it is possible to overcome an addiction to sugar and win the weight loss battle.

The key is to gradually use less sugar where you can, for instance, cutting back on the amount you add to your coffee, tea, or in your breakfast cereal.  Reduce or eliminate your consumption of soda and water down any fruit juices you may drink.  The benefit is that your body will adjust to the taste.  After a few months, if somebody suddenly gives you a coffee with sugar in it, you may find it tastes odd.

Also, avoid buying desserts from the store, and if you make your own, reduce the amount of sugar that the recipe lists. Many baked goods use unsweetened applesauce as a substitute.

The Ruby Slippers

Are you looking for a way home to better health and weight loss? Follow the yellow brick road which leads to our office here at Tullos Chiropractic.  Our expert team will help you break the spell of sugar and guide you with healthy nutritional counseling and optimal health recommendations.  Just click the buttons on your phone!

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For Your Health,

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